Swag Bucks is a search engine launched in 2007 under the name SearchWinMerch. The website allows users to earn a virtual digital currency called Swag Bucks, commonly earned by using the website's special search engine. Users may also earn Swag Bucks by completing special offers and tasks or referring friends. On occasion, the site administrator may also post a code that can be redeemed for a certain amount of Swag Bucks. Users can redeem Swag Bucks for a variety of both electronic and physical prizes from the site's Swag Store, ranging from MP3s and wallpapers to trading cards and video games.

After you sign up at, make sure you use them as your default search engine.

Examples of PrizesEdit

Apparel and AccessoriesEdit

Books and MagazineSEdit

Consoles and Video GamesEdit

Digital WallpapersEdit



For the KidsEdit

Gift and Reward CardsEdit

500 SB = $5 Amazon Gift Card

Health and BeautyEdit

Movies and TVEdit


Office and School SuppliesEdit

Posters and PrintsEdit

Sports and CollectiblesEdit


Trading CardsEdit

How To Earn Swag BucksEdit

First, make sure that you signed up at Then do the following tasks.

Search EngineEdit

You will be payed Swag Bucks if you use their search engine. Sometimes, a CAPTCHA is required to be filled for you to get the Swag Bucks as a security purpose.

If you do win, it will say it above your search results.

Special OffersEdit

There are four "walls" of special offers available: Gambit, OfferPal, TrialPay, and Paymentall. These walls are filled with requests that if completed, you will receive Swag Bucks. There is another wall on the homepage: gWallet.


If you enjoy shopping online, do it via Swag Bucks! You can shop at great stores like iTunes, Foot Locker and Dell. There are hundreds (maybe less) of stores that you can shop from. You will be payed two Swag Bucks for each dollar you spend. There may be a long wait for the Swag Bucks to come.

Trade InEdit

You can trade in your old cell phones or iPods for Swag Bucks. The amount you get depends on your phone/iPod.

Invite FriendsEdit

You can invite friends to Swag Bucks using a referral link. Every time they win by searching, you win Swag Bucks equal to the amount they won. You can win up to 1000 Swag Bucks per friend. Your friend does not get any less than they would if they weren't your referral.

Promote BannersEdit

Promote banners are pictures that you can put up on your websites, blogs and more. If someone clicks on the banners and signs up on the page that it leads to, they become your referral. Every time they win by searching, you win Swag Bucks equal to the amount they won. You can win up to 1000 Swag Bucks per referral. Your referral does not get any less than they would if they weren't your referral.

The SwidgetEdit

The Swidget is a widget that you can put up onto your websites, blog, Facebook and more. It allows other people to see what kind of prizes are there, how many Swag Bucks that the widget belongs to have and more. If someone signs up using that, the owner of the widget gets them as a referral.

Daily PollsEdit

Each day, the website has a new poll. If you answer the poll on the day it is released, you get one Swag Buck. If you missed it, you can still answer it but not get the Swag Buck.

Trusted SurveysEdit

You can complete a survey to get Swag Bucks. There are not many surveys currently, and you might be denied to be able to complete the survey.



Occasionally, TSG releases a Swag Code. You can enter this code on your homepage to receive Swag Bucks. Swag Codes do not last forever. They expire after a few hours.

Twitter TriviaEdit

Every Thursday night on Twitter, TSG holds a trivia competition. He says three sets of three questions and the first few people to answer them wins Swag Bucks.


If you have the Swagbucks Toolbar, you can win 1 or 2 Swag Bucks per day when you start the browser or refresh the toolbar.


If you have a popular blog, you can team up with TSG and win Swagbucks.

What Are You Waiting For?Edit

If you haven't signed up yet, what are you waiting for? Click on the link below to sign up and start winning things!

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